Luca de Meo, executive president of Renault Group, presented this Wednesday the French consortium’s strategy to resurrect from the red numbers it is going through and which he has called Renaulution. Among Renault’s plans, the commitment to the Alpine brand has been confirmed as the one that encompasses all the group’s sports models, at the same time that it will bring together the activities of Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing in a new entity dedicated to the development of cars exclusive and innovative sports cars.

So far Alpine only has the Alpine A110, a modern remake of the successful model of the brand during the late 70s of the last century. The intention now is for Alpine to become a 100% electrified brand of electric sports cars with an expansion plan that takes advantage of the size and capabilities of Groupe Renault and the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance thanks to the CMF-B and CMF- platforms. EV, a global industrial presence, and efficient purchasing organization a global distribution network, and financial services from RCI Bank and Services, which guarantee optimum competitiveness in terms of costs.

The first platform is on which, for example, the Renault Clio or Captur, the Dacia Sandero and Duster, or the Nissan Micra and Juke, to name a few models, are based. This platform allows the incorporation of plug-in hybrid powertrains such as the one already incorporated in the Renault Captur, made at the Valladolid factory.

Formula 1 and Fernando AlonsoBut this division will also position Formula 1

at the heart of the project with Fernando Alonso as the spearhead from a commercial point of view and with a totally renewed commitment to the championship. Luca de Meo, bet on Formula 1 as a window to the world to sell the brand and gain notoriety. But not only that but Renault announces that it will develop a new generation electric sports car together with Lotus.

The relationship between the two brands in Formula 1 is not new. In fact, Renault bought the Lotus-Renault team at the end of 2015 to be renamed Renault in 2016. The goal however is for this division to be profitable in 2025 including all investments, those for the development of new models for Alpine, and those spent on Formula 1 and racing.