• Know why PUBG Mobile has not returned to India yet?
  • There have been a lot of questions on the return of PUBG Mobile to India for some time.

According to the news of Inside Sports, PUBG Mobile has still not received the government’s permission to return to India. PUBG Mobile announced its return to India on 12 November. Also, a teaser was revealed where Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan were seen.

It is being told in the report of Inside Sports that PUBG Corporation or any other company has not yet received permission to start its business in India.

A source from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology told Inside Sports,

“There is no change in the situation at this time.”
The source also stated,

No Ban Vastu can start by just opening a new company. Even Tik Tok or anyone else can. They have to get permission from MEITY to start in India again.

PUBG Mobile needs the green signal from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) to return to India.

PUBG India Company

A few days ago PUBG India registered as a private company in India and gave a capital of Rs 5,00,000. Along with this, two new directors in the form of Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hoonil Sohan were also found.

Hoonil Sohan Krafton is the Head of Corporate Development. As well as PUBG Corporation to Krafton Inc. Will be added on 2 December. Kumar Krishnan Iyer is the director of several companies.