“Renee Young took to Twitter and had a non-PG message for Alberto Del Rio.”


“Del Rio had recently made accusations against Paige, stating that she was the one who abused him.”

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio had recently responded to Paige’s accusations saying he used to physically abuse her spine when the duo was living together.

Del Rio told TMZ that “it had been the other way around”, and that he has evidence to prove it. Renee Young, who’s incredibly near Paige, couldn’t take it anymore and decided to lash out at Del Rio on Twitter.

When Ryan Satin advised TMZ Sports to not give a stage to Del Rio to speak, Renee Young reacted to the tweet.

Sonya Deville chimed in as well and was in support of Renee’s remarks. Check out Satin’s tweet and Renee and Deville’s responses below:


“Renee Young has worked closely with Paige over the years”

Renee Young and Paige worked together for many years in WWE, and also had a stint together on FS1’s WWE Backstage, as sponsor and panelist, respectively. It’s clear as day that Del Rio’s remarks have abandoned Renee Young seething in anger.

The former WWE Superstar was recently charged with aggravated kidnapping, and it’s almost a guarantee that we won’t find him at a WWE ring ever again. Paige is yet to react to Del Rio’s allegations.