Luca de Meo, president of Renault Group, does not expect great results in F1 until 2022, the year in which the new regulations will arrive and a completely different car in Formula 1. His short-term approach coincides word for word with what Fernando has expressed Alonso in his interviews since he signed to return with Alpine F1. This campaign will be transitional, to take the rest next year what we look forward to in 2021 is a year of transition, focused primarily on brand recognition.

A team that will appear regularly in newspapers and on television. says the top boss of the French company in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Despite the three podiums in 2020, the Italian businessman does not set ambitious goals in 2021, beyond a loose flash for Alonso and Ocon. Later in 2022, we hope to be on the podium regularly, with the potential to win a race, says De Meo in the immediate plans of the new Alpine F1 team, which will have Laurent Rossi as its new rector at the top. circuits to Davide Brivio, from Suzuki in the MotoGP World Championship. Fernando Alonso’s approach is clear since he landed again in Enstone, to face his third stage in the French team, now with a new name.

We know that in 2021 only Hamilton and Mercedes can win, but many of us are waiting for 2022: Alpine, Ferrari, Carlos, Verstappen, Red Bull, etc. Many are hopeful, but unfortunately not for 2021, said Fernando in his first interviews in Imola, when he was following his new team on the spot for the first time. We will all be in the position to put the cars on the track and see if someone can cope with Mercedes.

It is difficult to guarantee that, it is not an exact science. We will be well prepared and we hope to fight in 2022, but nothing can guarantee it he warns Alonso on the new stage that opens to him in F1. Of course, ambition remains at the maximum level in the personnel and indicates the only reason for his return to the slopes. I am not going back to F1 to go to the restaurants in each city and travel all year round. I come back for a reason: to do well and try to win. In sport, you win or you lose. Being fifth is better than being seventh, better than being 12th, but there is not much difference. Either you win or you lose. The objective is to win, he said last season.

More competition in the middle zone than in 2020With the improvements that Ferrari can experience with a heavily modified engine and the return of McLaren with Mercedes as the engine, competition in the mid-zone is going to be much stronger for Alpine than it was in 2021, more so when you consider that Aston Martin will once again clone the W11 champion from last season. The podiums will predictably be much more expensive for Alonso than they were for Ricciardo and Ocon with the RS20.