Renault has completed the Megane range, the best-selling of the French brand in the last 25 years, with the new Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech, the plug-in hybrid version of the compact family. Manufactured in the Palencia factory, it is a vehicle designed for daily use thanks to an electric range of up to 65 kilometers. But, also, it serves to go on a trip thanks to an indisputable sporty personality it offers a power of 160 HP and a trunk with ample cargo space we will go into details soon.

For just over 30,000 euros it is on sale from 30,906 euros without aid or discounts we can have a vehicle for everything, respectful with the environment and, also, manufactured in Spain, which is also a plus if we care to contribute to the Spanish economy and the maintenance of local employment.

With the Megane Sport Tourer plug-in hybrid, we can go to work every day without emitting greenhouse gases, move freely through the center of any Spanish city, and park for free in the blue and green zones of the Regulated Parking Service if we live or We are going to visit Madrid since it is classified as Zero Emissions in the DGT Vehicle Registry with the advantages that this entails.

What makes the Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech so special is its plug-in hybrid system, the same one used by the Captur E-Tech Plug-in and which consists of a new generation 1.6-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine and two High voltage electric motors, one more powerful main and another that acts as a generator or starter motor. The association of the two electric motors with the thermal one and the clutchless gearbox allows up to 15 operating combinations, which the E-Tech system chooses automatically according to the situation to optimize the energy stored in the 9 battery to the maximum. 8 kWh (400V).

Autonomy and charging times with a combined power of 160 hp, the hybrid system of the Mégane Sport Tourer E-Tech allows driving in 100% electric mode for 50 kilometers at a speed of up to 135 km / h, according to the WLTP mixed cycle, while in an urban cycle it can reach 65 kilometers of autonomy. We have tested it for a week on urban and interurban roads and, although it has been impossible for us to come close to the consumption approved by the brand ( 1.3 l / 100 km ), we can say that the E-Tech system the result of Renault’s experience does not disappoint.

With the charging cable that comes standard, it takes about three hours to make a full charge if we use a 3.6 kW socket, and five hours if we plug it into the 220V 2.4 kW home network. On the inside, plastics and textiles used a broadcast-quality feel, while the multimedia screen, buttons, digital instrument, the automatic switching lever, and multifunction steering wheel give a modern look to the interior. The front seats are marked by the good shape of the seats, well-sculpted and enveloping, although at first, it is difficult to find the most comfortable and ergonomic position, especially if you are used to a car from another brand logical on the other hand. The rear squares are a bit wider but also somewhat shorter in legroom than some competitors.

Although it is a five-seater car, three medium-sized adults will not be comfortable in the back row. The central plaza continues to be annoying due to the design of the bench, the backrest, and the transmission tunnel, which is quite large and reduces space for the feet of the passenger in the middle. There is not much space to put your feet under the front seats, but it is enough for the feet of children. Let’s not forget that it is a family car and when the children come of age they no longer travel with their parents, so let’s not be so demanding and move on to something else.

The luggage compartment has a volume of 434 liters and is slightly larger than that of the regular body Mégane (384 liters), but is smaller than that of the Sports Tourer with a combustion engine (580 liters) due to the presence of the batteries. The good news is that the boot is modular and has a specific compartment to store the charging cable. The boot floor has two positions to choose from: a high position that forms a flat surface with the rear bench folded down to facilitate the loading of bulky objects, and a low position to have an extra volume of 55 liters. Also, it has a compartmentalization system, side glove boxes, two hooks for hanging bags, a luggage net, and a flexible and roll-up luggage tray.

At the wheel in terms of driving impressions, the Mégane Sport Tourer E-Tech stands out for a really comfortable suspension, which absorbs and filters all the irregularities of the road, as well as potholes, cracks, bumps, speed bumps, and bad sewers. The suspension does not allow the body to move excessively when cornering and braking and provides great poise and precision, as well as showing good isolation from rolling noise. The engine pushes with enough force at all times, although differences are depending on the driving mode we select.

The Megane E-Tech has three specific driving modes due to its hybrid nature Pure or EV, in which the car operates in 100% electric mode; MySense, which prioritizes hybrid mode; and Sport in which we have all the power of the running gear. In short, the Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech is a functional and comfortable car that does not renounce being sporty.