It was no surprise that Netflix’s long-awaited anime series Record of Ragnarok received mixed reviews from anime fans. Fans were thrilled that the adaptation was being made, but they also wanted the adaptation to be faithful to the manga series.

Shuumatsu no Valkyrie manga has been highly praised for its brilliant premise, dynamic characters, and epic fight scenes between humans and powerful gods. Fans were excited about the new release and hoped that the animation would be as popular as the manga. However, Records of Ragnarok was met with tons of criticisms regarding the show’s rushed storytelling, disappointing fight sequences, and other issues that could have led to the anime’s demise.

Fans still hope that the series will get another season to correct any mistakes made in the original. However, they will have to wait a bit longer to see their favorite series back as Record of Ragnarok season 2, which is not due to be available on Netflix until July 2021.

Record of Ragnarok season 2 release dates

At this time, no official confirmation has been made regarding the fate of the anime series.
We’ve already mentioned that the anime received a mixed reception on Rotten Tomatoes. However, this doesn’t mean the show didn’t do well in terms of viewership. This could be a sign of Netflix’s second season.

There is plenty more content that can be covered if the series gets a second season. Fans can relax knowing there are still many more exciting fights, characters, and champions to meet.

We will keep you informed about Record Of Ragnarok’s second season. In the meantime, stream every episode of the first season of the anime on Netflix.