Record of Ragnarok Season 2

Season 1 of ‘Record of Ragnarok’ has lovers waiting in anticipation for Season two, seeing it ended on quite the cliffhanger, with Poseidon’s passing and the setup for game number 4.

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Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date

‘Record of Ragnarok’ season 1 was located on June 17, 2021, on Netflix. The inaugural season has 12 episodes with a 24-25-minute runtime each. Studio Graphinica developed the arcade in cooperation with Warner Bros. Japan, which functioned as the producer. Masao Ookubo helmed the directorial team while Kazuyuki Fudeyasu headed the writing staff.

As for season two, this is what we understand. Neither Netflix executives nor the founders of the anime have made any announcement in this aspect. But, Netflix has an impressive record of renewing its anime projects. Through the years, the flowing giant has helped produced multi-seasonal runs of ONAs like’Aggretsuko’ and Baki.’ record of Ragnarok‘ manages to replicate the success of the aforementioned jobs, then it provides the creators enough incentive to revisit the story.

The original manga series is currently continuing. The anime only has adapted content from the first five volumes (20 chapters) of the source material. As of summer 2021, 10 volumes are published. So, there is tons of material available to develop another season. If the ONA is revived for the sophomore season within the upcoming few months, expect a record of Ragnarok’ to release sometime in 2022.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2

“Record Of Ragnarok” Season 2: Plot

Half of the world’s population believes that there is divine energy that keeps the world moving. That energy is referred to as god.’ It’s thought that the fate of every human being is decided by God.

This anime series also runs of the same belief. The series is all about Gods and their decision about what to do with the humans in the world. Following seven million decades of the occurrence of human beings, it had been detected by the Gods that people do more harm than good.

The world isn’t peaceful anymore. You will find hatred and jealousy all over. Thus the Gods are trying to decide on the situation. They’re even thinking to wipe off human existence.

But because everyone should get a reasonable chance that the Celtics come up with a proposition to the people. They said there would be a battle between the Gods and humans and if the people win their presence will not be wiped out.

That’s when thirteen fierce and courageous warriors enter using their only motto and that is to save the human race. These warriors have to conquer the 13 Gods. “Records Of Ragnarok” Season 2 will feature the most awaited conflict. It will be interesting to determine whether these warriors can rescue the human race.


While the whole cast of Season 1 won’t be returning for Season 2, seeing which several characters did die, the following can be expected to be part of the second season, together with multiple additions, even though the same has not been revealed yet.

Miyuki Sawashiro will likely reprise her role as the Japanese voice of Brunhilde, as will Tomoyo Kurosawa because of the Japanese voice of Goll. About the gods, if Thor would be to make a comeback, so will his voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa. Wataru Takagi will most likely voice Zeus, who’s head of the god council.

Shiva, whose battle will likely be featured next season, will be voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki. Hermes, who is Zeus’ right hand, is likely to be uttered by Junichi Suwabe. In case Ares and Aprohdite are to make a comeback, they’ll be voiced by their Season 1 celebrities, Hinata Tadokoro and Rie Tanaka respectively.