Nor it can be said that Madrid played well yesterday at La Rosaleda. In fact, it has been a long time since whites shine, and it is solidity that has given him the latest titles to adorn his Museum. Trophies that the Spanish Super Cup company will not have this year the one that the white club conquered last year as runner-up in the League and that it could not defend in this as the best team in the 19-20 League the one it conquered based on block pick and shovel.

Madrid did not play well, but whites can resort to the topic of bad luck. Up to two times, he ran into the wood of Unai Simon’s goal, both through a Marco Asensio that was without a doubt, the best news for the whites in the Malaga night. A sharp confident daring Asset that I do not hesitate to bring out the barrel of his left leg a couple of times. Simón was beaten in both but the Spaniard adjusted the auctions so much that they crashed into the wood. A feeling of frustration that is not new for Madrid’s 11, which has crashed up to six times with the sticks so far this season out of the total of 20 that a Madrid accumulates that does not have enough goals or in this sense, of luck.

We have tried in all ways, but it has not been possible said Asensio after the game, aware that the defeat has a direct impact on the environment that surrounds the team, which is not the best possible after the two draws awarded in the League against Elche and Osasuna and yesterday’s defeat.

Zidane’s work is once again questioned by the leadership of the white club, with the team already out of the fight for the first official title of the season and away from Atletico in the fight for the League. Even Barça, who could be seen calmly in the rearview mirror, seems to have been hooked on a fight in which the whites are faltering.

They came out very well and it cost us a lot especially at the beginning of the game. Then we went to tow after their goals but in the end, we did have them We are angry and sad because we wanted to play in the final but we have to continue. They have believed more in what they did reflect Asensio reflecting the period of doubts that whites are going through something that is not new this season. The team has already managed to overcome several delicate situations especially in the Champions League but this new setback has affected Zidane and some players who do not quite offer the regularity that the fight for the titles requires.