The surprise factor as a symptom of the pressing lack of a goal by the Madrid squad, the location of Sergio Ramos as an emergency ‘9’ portrays Madrid’s current structural deficiencies, which are not a matter of a day or a tactical outburst by Zidane. It is not the first time that the coach has used the captain as an improvised striker as if no one outside of Valdebebas knew the legendary power of his passing game. Against Athletic, it did not work, because the Basques were warned.

We already say that it was not an isolated resource. Since Cristiano left, two and a half years ago, the team has not had a goal man. It is true that Benzema’s moving effort, which adds up to the not inconsiderable figure of 70 goals since the Portuguese left, has concealed that lack at specific moments. As much as the team has lost the firepower that made it fearsome with the Portuguese. This season he adds 1.6 goals per game and his biggest win was against Huesca, 4-1.

In the last of CR, almost one more goal was scored per game and seven goals were scored in 90 minutes. Something unthinkable today. The matter has a bad solution because Benzema has never been a shark in the area it is many other things, but it is not Lewandoski.

The disconcerting Jovic has retraced the path to the Bundesliga without leaving more than extra-sports headlines in Madrid and Mariano is for Zidane little more than a coin toss in times of trouble. So Ramos seems his best asset when they come badly given, a trick that no longer surprises anyone and that, furthermore, says very little about the resources of a squad whose preparation is at this point in question.