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Efficiency is a big part of trading, and traders that understand this have a better time trading assets on the market. Brokerages can make or break traders’ calls if they need to be more precise and seamless. RBT tackles this problem by providing an efficient trading engine that ensures users can execute trades at the touch of a button. Therefore, retail traders will have a decent trading experience using the platform.

There are no positives without negatives, and we will take this unbiased look in our RBT review. We will examine all the features that make using RBT a positive experience while highlighting the possible drawbacks you may encounter. If you are a retail trader looking for reasons to join the platform, then you are in the right place.


Diverse Trading Assets

There are numerous assets available for purchase on RBT. The platform has an extensive list of assets that traders can add to their portfolios. In addition, these assets are available to all users on the platform. Some assets available to users include options, ETFs, forex, cryptocurrency, and stocks. These assets give traders flexibility and allow them to have options when they are building their portfolios. In addition, it ensures that they do not need a second brokerage account with a competitor to access any assets they may need. With these assets, traders can build hedged portfolios. 

Asset Analysis Tools

Analyzing the assets in your portfolio is the first step to becoming a better trader. Through this analysis, you will better understand how your trades have impacted the overall value of your portfolio. In addition, it will enable you to see the weaknesses in your strategy and the steps you can take to overcome them. The portfolio analysis tools available on the platform give users detailed feedback on their trades and how their actions affect the overall health of their portfolio. The information obtained from the feedback would be used to make better trading decisions in the future. 

News and Market Updates

With each new piece of news that hits the market, there is a reaction in the price of assets. Negative news causes a downtrend, while positive news causes an uptrend. Traders who revive their information as it happens will benefit from the up or downtrend of assets based on the type of news. RBT provides its users with timely market information, which helps them make quick market decisions. Furthermore, these news updates can be customized by each user so that they only receive the updates that are important to them. 

Advanced Trading Tools

The trading tools on the platform are available for all users. These trading tools allow users to perform various trading techniques with the assets in their portfolios. In addition, the trading tools allow users to capitalize on market situations they would have otherwise been able to without the tools. The trading tools that are available on the platform include stop loss, buy limit, live charts, rulers, and leverage tools. Users are encouraged to take advantage of these trading tools to get the best results. Finally, traders should only use tools that they are comfortable using to avoid unwanted consequences. 


Slow Account Opening Procedure

It can be frustrating when you go through many steps to open a trading account. This is what new users will encounter when they try to open their RBT accounts. Fear not! It is for a good cause. The platform ensures that each of its users is catered to security-wise and has introduced steps to ensure that every user is verified. Furthermore, these steps safeguard against bad actors and help preserve the platform’s integrity. Therefore, the pain is only at the beginning, as when the account is opened, it’s Smooth sailing from then on. 

Wrapping Up

The RBT brokerage is a great partner for retail traders. It provides them with the tools and resources to perform actual trading. Want to learn more? Visit the platform’s website.  


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.