Queer Eye Season 6 - The Greatest Revelation
Queer Eye Season 6 - The Greatest Revelation

Queer Eye Season 6

An American TV series, Queer Eye, the first season was telecasted on the 7th of February, 2018. The series entirely streamed on Netflix. It’s a reality-based series as per the genre, a David Collins creation. The original languages include Japanese and English. A total of 5 seasons have been released so far

Queer Eye Season 6 – Release date

The show has won several awards and has received an overwhelming round of applause from all its audiences. The story strongly portrays and represents the community of people of color as well as the LGBT community. The series has approved the telecast of a new 6th season in the very near future. We witnessed the 5th season on the 5th of June, 2020.

Queer Eye Season 6 – Cast

Queer Eye season 6 | Netflix release date, location, makeovers - Radio Times

We will be witnessing the same Fab Five in this sixth season of Queer Eye who will be traversing the south this time. The grooming expert will be none other than Jonathan Van Ness. The culture and fashion experts would be Karamo Brown and Tan France. We will witness Antoni Porowski continuing to play as the wine and food expert and Bobby Berk as the design expert.

Queer Eye Season 6 – Plot

Up until now, till the last season of Queer Eye, we have seen several new makeovers of the Fab Five and in five different zones of the world. The five countries covered so far, as per the previously streamed season were, Japan, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Missouri.

However, we as the eager audience are waiting for the next upcoming season the Queer Eye Season 6 with a whole lot of excitement. In this sixth season, the Fab Five will be traversing the south.

In one recent interview, where the Fab five were on board, they kind of revealed the upcoming season’s whereabouts by mentioning – “return to their southern roots, to scour the prairie in a search for a whole new roster of heroes in need of a little.” We have been revealed about the location of the sixth season. Which is the Austin, Texas.