The main actress of La Reina del Sur or Queen of the South, Alice Braga, suffered an accident during the filming of the series, something that could delay the production of the program, as confirmed by the same actress.

The production of season 5 of the Netflix series Queen of the South could be affected after leading actress Alice Braga suffered a hand injury.

In the last days of November, the actress Braga shared a photo in her Instagram stories where her hand is seen wrapped in bandages, leaving her in this way.

Alice Braga wrote in her photo: “Teresa is back [thunder emoji]”, with the labels of the showrunners, Benjamin Lobato and Dailyn Rodríguez.

Her publication created great anguish and concerns among her followers. Although the actress did not confirm it, probably the production of the show had to be paused due to the accident.

This could mean that the premiere of season 5 of The Queen of the South could, due to the Netflix platform, change slightly. All the fans can’t stop wishing him to recover very soon.