Quanzhi Fashi Season 4

For all the anime lovers, Quanzhi Fashi is also known as the Full-time Magister, a Chinese anime series. The anime’s plot centres on the life of the anime protagonist Mo Fan. A child living in a state-of-the-art era that wakes up on a different magical planet one day. Here was just a recap to what’s Quanzhi Fashi all about. Now, let’s have some light on its season 4.

A Plot of Quanzhi Fashi Season 4

The storyline is about Mo Fan. He exists in a world in which the technology chain really is highly advanced. But he is poor in the universe, but he is still clever to thrive well in the world. One day he was taken to another world and he didn’t know how and why. This world is very really different from its universe, in its everyday existence people don’t use computers or other media. Rather, they use magic to thrive in their everyday lives.

Characters in Season 4

The anime includes several characters, among them Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue, Ye Xin Xia, and Zhang Xiaohou. Along with such backers such as Yue Tang, Mu Shengxue, Ke Xio, and more. Down here are some briefing about the main characters.
Mo Fan – a high school student who, despite his poor family history, has a love for magic. Majestic magic who has mastered fire and energy.
Mu Ning Xue – Mo’s friend in youth, the ice magic master.
Xin Xia – Mo’s favourite wheelchair sibling.

Is the Season 4 released or still on hold?

Many viewers preassumed that the show will not have any other season. Some of the gossips have hit everybody’s ear last year. It was rumoured, on the one hand, that the show will never return, so it doesn’t even matter. But it was speculated, that the show will continue for the massive number of fans for the next season, even without value. and Here’s Boom! Season FOUR of Quanzhi Fashi is out now. The makers are now planning for season 5 if there will be any possibility. There are many platforms where you can just hang off with some popcorns and drinks to enjoy the latest patch of this magical series.