PUBG Mobile Video Game has been banned in India. PUBG mobile video game is banned worldwide including India. The game has been banned by the Central Government in India under Section 59A of the Information and Technology Act. Along with this game, the Central Government had banned 118 Chinese apps in India. Though PUBG Mobile is preparing for a comeback in India, currently the game has not received permission from the Indian government.

PubG’s parent company Krafton Inc has taken away the publishing rights of the game in India from Chinese company Tencent to lift the ban on PUBG mobile games in India. With this, the company is also strengthening its team in India. Krafton recently appointed Aneesh Arvind as the new country manager in India.

Pubg Mobile India Launch Date

All the RTIs have been filed in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology regarding the information related to the launch of PUBG Mobile India in India. Giving information on these, the ministry says that the government will first check the entire app and analyze the company’s policy. Only after this, further decisions will be taken regarding the launch of PUBG Mobile India. Zee News quoted sources as saying that if PUBG Mobile India complies with all the rules and regulations of the Government of India, then the Central Government may grant permission to relaunch the game in India.

At present, the company has not announced the India launch date of the PUBG Mobile India game. But it is believed that PUBG Corporation is preparing to relaunch the new version of the game in India in March 2021.

Earlier, PUBG Corporation announced that it would offer players a secure and healthy gameplay environment in India. Along with this, the company had also said that the data of all Indian players should be protected, this would be the first priority of the company, and the company also said that it would continue to conduct regular audits for data security of Indian users.

Can You Play Pubg In India Today?

PUBG cannot be played in India since the Indian government has banned it in India. Some people in India are playing PUBG Mobile KR with the help of VPN service.