Leonardo has addressed the present and the future of PSG in an interview on France Football. If currently, the issues to be discussed are the renewals of Mbappe and Neymar, without a doubt the name that flies over the future of the Parisian entity is Leo Messi. And the sports director of PSG leaves the door open. Messi on the agenda: Great players like Messi will always be on PSG’s list. But for now, is not the time to talk or dream about this. But we are sitting at the table of all those who follow this matter closely. Well we’re not really sitting down but our chair is reserved in case … Four months in football is an eternity especially in this day and age.

The departure of Leo Messi from Barcelona, which could not be carried out last summer, has an extra incentive for European clubs this coming summer. It will be free, at zero cost. I only I would have to do would be to negotiate a possible signing bonus contract, and project. While the Barça club is still waiting for the elections delayed to March 7, as a starting point for a possible negotiation between the future president and Leo to negotiate its continuity, interesting projects appear on the horizon at a sporting and economic level for Messi, who could meet in the Parc des Princes with Neymar, be trained by his compatriot Pochettino and enjoy a new experience in a different league to the Spanish and with the aim of putting the icing on the tremendous Parisian project with the Champions.

Precisely Pochettino, recently presented with PSG, already spoke on his first day of the possible arrival of Messi. In the future, there will be time to talk about these things. But always a great player is welcome to PSG. While the club tries to close renovations, with priority for Neymar over Mbappe, Messi advances to June 30, to the end of his contract, without giving clues about his next destination.