Prodigal Son Season 3

End of investigations for Malcolm Bright. While season 2 will soon end in the United States (the date of broadcast in France on TF1 hasn’t yet been revealed), Prodigal Son will not have season 3: the FOX channel which broadcasts it in the USA has announced its cancellation. A premature stop to which the actors including Tom Payne reacted with emotion.

It’s the hard law of the series. Though some will return, others are going to need to leave our screens. While ABC declared the renewal of Grey’s Anatomy for season 18 and Station 19 for season 5, the FOX station has chosen to break the hearts of Prodigal Son fans: the show broadcast here on TF1 will not have any season 3.

No Prodigal Son Season 3

Season 2 that hosted Catherine Zeta-Jones will consequently be the last for Prodigal Son. In danger, the series was canceled by the FOX station and will consequently not be back for fresh episodes. A surprising ending? Not really. Broadcast on TF1 in France, the Prodigal Son series never actually hit crowds for its air in America. Season 1 was followed closely on average by 5.8 million viewers (such as replays more than 7 days) and the audiences for season 2 fell again, together with the show falling below the 2 million viewers mark towards the end of the season. In the channel’s original drama series (FOX also broadcasts The Resident in addition to 9-1-1and its spin-off), she had been the one with the worst evaluations, supporting Filthy Rich and NEXT, both already canceled.

The Actors React

After this announcement, the actors of this series were quick to respond to share their despair” What a trip. Playing Malcolm has been a joy and a privilege. The top cast in a string plus a special show. We did it in style. My love for everyone who loved us.” Wrote Tom Payne who confessed with an audition for The Chronicle of the Bridgertons on his Twitter account. For its part, Bellamy Young who played Jessica confided to possess” the broken heart” at the end of the collection. Keiko Agena (Edrisa) and Aurora Perrineau (Dani) also posted messages to thank the fans.

Episode 13 of season 2, which will be the final of Prodigal Son, will be broadcast on May 18 in the United States. The broadcast date for season 2 on TF1 has not yet been scheduled.