Queen Elizabeth II’s husband wants nothing special, and is looking for a “hassle-free day.”

Prince Philip will turn 100 next year and as members of the royal family and fans count down the days to the special event, the birthday boy couldn’t be less excited.

A Buckingham Palace aide spoke to The Telegraph about how the Duke of Edinburgh feels about becoming a centennial on June 10 of next year.

The 99-year-old is said to be quite reluctant to call his century in a special way, and is looking to have a “hassle-free day.”

“You can’t do something if someone doesn’t want something done. The only person who wants nothing to do with it is the duke. He’s retired, he’s backed down, he doesn’t want the fuss You can’t blame him, ”said the palace attendant.

As much as the Duke wants to waste the day, the only thing he will have no say in is the telegram of congratulations from Queen Elizabeth II that the monarch sends to all British citizens who turn 100 years old.