Created and directed by Genndy TartakovskyPrimal is an American adult animated television series. The series made its debut on the original network Adult Swim on 7th October, 2019. The production team of the series included Genndy Tartakovsky, Brian A. Miller, Jennifer Pelphery, Rob Sorcher, Mike Lazzo and Keith Crofford.

It is a prehistoric adult animated series which appears like a vivid perspective of life. The story has no dialogues. It only uses graphic imagery and background scores to recount a tale of survival and massacre. This masterpiece story is about a unique pair, a caveman and his dinosaur friend. They are out to navigate the treacherous world. These two unlikely allies gradually develop a close bond due to their tragic past. The team-up to fight and survival in this series is fraught with mystery, violence, enthusiasm, emotions and fear.

The Emmy-winning series has been immensely praised for its animation, pacing, artistry and story-telling. This series had three production companies which included William Street, Cartoon Network Studios and Studio La Cachette.

Release Date

The first half of Season one premiered on 7th October, 2019 and the fifth episode was aired on 11th October, 2019. The show returned with the second half and aired its sixth episode on 4th October, 2020.

In August 2020, the announcement regarding the arrival of the second half was announced by Cartoon Network. Along with it, it was also notified that the second season of the show has been greenlit.


As there is no exchange of dialogues, there aren’t any voiceover stars. The two main characters are Spear and FangAaron LaPlante provides the vocal effects for Spear who is a caveman. His family had been murdered and eaten up by horned theropods. He was almost in the verge of committing suicide, but decided to cope with his loss. Fang is a female tyrannosaurus whose babies were also killed by theropods. Spear and Fang eventually over their mutual tragedy.

What To Expect In The Second Season?

In the perilous journey of the pair, we saw them struggling to survive while fighting with different beasts like a gigantic Titanboa, an elder woolly mammoth, a pack of dromaeosaurs, ape-men and many others.

We expect to see more prehistoric and fantastical species and different tribes. We are also looking forward to seeing more flashbacks of the past of the characters.