“A win over Brighton tonight took Tottenham at 2nd place in the Premier League table.”

Premier League(2020-21): However, Graham Potter’s Seagulls started to dominate play late into the first half and eventually discovered an equalizer — a controversial one — out of Tariq Lamptey.

“Jose Mourinho’s side ran out 2-1 winners following goals from Harry Kane and Gareth Bale.”

Tottenham Hotspur moved into second place in the Premier League table tonight Having a tough win over Brighton & Hove Albion in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Tottenham hit, though, and with just over 15 minutes remaining, Gareth Bale led home to win the game for his side. Brighton drove men ahead to look for another equalizer. However, this time there was no sting in the tail, and Mourinho’s men collected another three points.

Tottenham was looking to rebound from a disappointing Europa League defeat to Royal Antwerp and started the match in imperious form. It required a penalty from Harry Kane to set them in the lead, but early on, at least, it felt just like business as usual for Jose Mourinho’s men.

Referee Graham Scott when he awarded Brighton’s goal:

Even though the goal thankfully didn’t affect this game’s final outcome, it’ll still be regarded as one of the most controversial of 2020. With this evidence, VAR still isn’t working properly.

But it appeared clear to everyone on the pitch that throughout the build-up to the goal, Solly March had fouled Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg. There appeared to be no doubt that the target would be overturned by VAR, especially when replays from multiple angles seemed to confirm the violation.

Despite Tottenham running out 2-1 winners in tonight’s game, plenty of press coverage will no doubt be handed to Brighton’s equalizing goal. There can be no uncertainty about the end’s caliber — former Chelsea kid Tariq Lamptey got on the end of Pascal Gross’s pass flawlessly and slotted home with aplomb.

How Scott could decide that Hojbjerg hadn’t been fouled is anyone’s guess. The most likely theory is that because he was so close to the episode in real-time and hadn’t given a filthy, he simply didn’t feel comfortable in recognizing that a clear mistake. But surely that’s the reason behind VAR in the first place?

Nonetheless, in a baffling call, referee Graham Scott consulted with the pitchside monitors — and made a decision to allow the goal to stand. To say that Tottenham’s players were shell-shocked would be a massive understatement.