It’s been almost two years since Cillian Murphy was last seen as Tommy Shelby leading his family through difficult situations. Anthony Byrne announced that Peaky Blinders Season 6 has been completed. Byrne also revealed the title to the eagerly awaited episode. The series has been following the story of the Shelby family as they struggle to expand the criminal business. However, the ending cliffhanger revealed a new war between the Shelby and Shelby families.

Peaky Blinders Season 6: Has Filming Begun Yet?

Filming for the sixth and final season of the series began early in the year. Despite having to overcome COVID-related setbacks Anthony Byrne said back on May 28 that they had wrapped filming for the sixth season. Soon, he shared a photo of himself on Instagram. Lauren Marie Sutton, Manchester’s tattoo artist, shared Lauren Marie Sutton’s clapboard featuring Helen McCrory’s picture. Peaky Blinders tweeted, “It’s all over!” The entire team deserves our appreciation.

Peaky Blinders Season 6: What To Expect?

Steven Knight has teased that the season ahead will be set in World War II. But things are becoming worse than Tommy Shelby expected as they enter the first of 1934. Now Tommy will deal with the effects of his failed attempt, and how the story will unfold in the 1930s. Knight described the sixth season as “a tragedy” because Tommy will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. To win the war, he will use Grace his late wife’s emergence to help him.

Is Gina Gray Faking Her Pregnancy?

We’ve seen Tommy and Michael’s head when it comes to leading the Shelby family’s business. But, Michael marries Gina after meeting her in the U.S. But Gina became interested in Shelby’s business, and she decided to return to America to expand it. It quickly escalates into a huge conflict between Michael & Tommy who refuse to follow Gina’s direction.

Gina appears to have a plan to create more problems. Gina told her family she was pregnant. Polly stated that she wishes she could hear Gina’s baby heartbeats. Ada didn’t even come near Gina as she was about to check the baby’s heartbeat. She may be working for Oswald Mosley. She may have wanted to cause chaos in Shelbys’ life through her fake pregnancy.

Director Teased Who Betrayed Thomas Shelby?

Tommy devised an amazing plan to beat the highly-profile political figure, Oswald Mosely. Tommy ended up in a difficult spot after someone spilled the beans to Mosely. The episode’s opening title is “Black Day,” and it suggests that Tommy has been manipulated by someone close. Although Byrne refused to reveal the identity of Tommy’s thief, he assured fans that they can find out if they look closely.

Finn believed that Billy Grade was the key informant before their plan failed. However, it may be Tommy’s friend Johnny Dogs. Abrams Gold once said Johnny was second to know where Bonnie was camping. Billy Boys could have gotten the information and executed Bonnie. Johny could be working in secret against Tommy to shut down his business.

Peaky Blinders Season 6: When Will It Return?

Well, the series creator just finished filming. Assuming Byrne said that each season takes at most six months to produce, the sixth and final season may be back in late 2022 or earlier this year. Peaky Blinders Season 6 marks the end of this series. This was disclosed in January. Knight however promised to make Tommy’s final journey with a feature movie.