The period crime drama Peaky Blinders, from the BBC network, is due to deliver to fans the sixth season of the period series that keeps fans in a state of anxiety, due to the previous installment ending in September 2019.

As fans will know, the production of the sixth season of Peaky Blinders has been delayed due to the general lockdown generated by the coronavirus pandemic that is currently affecting the world.

So far, fans have been waiting for an official pronouncement from the BBC or the crew and cast regarding Peaky Blinders’ new season production status and an estimated release date.

However, it is being speculated that Peaky Blinders is about to begin filming the sixth season in early 2021, and fans are excited, due to the talent agency LB Casting Ltd, releasing an announcement through which it is on the search for actors to appear in a “well known BBC period drama”.

Apparently, in the same announcement the agency hinted that the search for actors is “by order of LB Casting”, referring to “by order of Peaky Blinders” since the series quotes such agency frequently.

And is that according to some reports, it is presumed that the talent search is related to Peaky Blinders because the same LB casting has worked during past seasons with the BBC program.

In addition to this, the ad also shows an image of a man in a baker’s cap, which could refer to the characters of Peaky Blinders, and states that the show will begin filming in Manchester next year, according to the medium The Manchester Evening News.

Likewise, according to the advertisement published for the audition, male actors are required to be an extra and therefore “they must be willing to shave their hair if necessary”; being able to make another reference to the characters of Peaky Blinders.

Likewise, casting applicants must match “natural-looking” men with no visible piercings or tattoos, and may not have modern haircuts or beards. And women aspiring to any role must be a size 12 or under and have shoulder-length hair.

With the announcement clearer, fans are excited as all the references indicate that season 6 of the fan-favorite crime drama is about to start rolling out anytime soon.