Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters – yes, in theaters, physically! – on December 18. The Patty Jenkins film will once again explore Diana Prince’s story after the success of the first installment, Wonder Woman . The director has carved out her own path for the superheroine and in recent statements she has pointed out that Justice League has nothing to do with her vision of the character.

“The only thing that I’ve done, and that I’ve always tried to do, is… When Zack [Snyder] was doing Justice League , where [Wonder Woman] ends, I tried not to change his costume because I didn’t want to contradict his movies. But I had to making my own films and he’s been very supportive of that, “Jenkins continues,” I think Justice League was atypical. They were trying to turn it into something else. So it became, ‘I don’t recognize half the characters. I don’t. I’m sure what’s going on . ”

After Diana Prince’s debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , we got to know her better in Wonder Woman , the film where the warrior fights in World War I. After her first solo adventure, we met her again in Justice League , a project that went through many difficulties. As Jenkins recalls, Warner hired Joss Whedon to finish the film that Snyder had not been able to finish, resulting in a kind of cinematic Frankenstein that did not finish curdling in theaters.

The remake not only altered the narrative of the film, it also changed the aspirations of the characters and modified them in such a way that not even Jenkins could recognize his beloved Diana Prince. In that same interview, the director has clearly said that she has directly eliminated this film from the DC universe. ” Justice League ? No, I think both DC fans and directors have ruled it out.”