Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of being dumb and showing no respect for his teammates by Pasquale Bruno. The former Juventus player asserts the Portuguese star hasn’t made an effort to learn Italian and uses Spanish to express herself in the dressing room.

Bruno was speaking to Tiki Taka when he made the magnificent claim. He said:

“He is ignorant. He has been in Italy for two years and has not yet learned to speak our language. He uses Spanish to express himself. He has no respect for his teammates or for Italians.”


Alvaro Morata thoughts about Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus

Alvaro Morata, on the other hand, has nothing but great things to say about Cristiano Ronaldo. He heaped praise on the former Real Madrid star and asserts that he is a fantastic teammate. Unlike what Bruno said, Morata shows that Cristiano Ronaldo talks to everybody and helps his teammates throughout the matches and training. He told Sky Sport Italia:

“I don’t need to tell you what Ronaldo represents and what he brings to the team. He’s a great teammate, he talks to everyone, helps everyone, and is our most important player. We all hope he can continue scoring and take us to the level he has envisaged in his mind.”

Continuing to talk about his time at Juventus, Morata added he has matured and returned as a better player. The Spaniard didn’t have a good spell at Chelsea and Real Madrid after leaving Juventus and his period at Atletico Madrid was not his very best. He explained:

“I said when I came back here that I felt like a more complete player and I matured as a person by going through the good and bad in my career. It was all a learning experience. The motivation I want in my football is the same as any other person in life, to feel wanted and loved. I think I have all that I need at Juventus. I can still improve and I believe we’ll continue to grow together and go far.”

Alvaro Morata scored twice a night in Juventus’ win against Ferencvaros in the Champions League. His side will confront Lazio on Sunday at the Stadio Olimpico.