• Paige will file a lawsuit against a person who wanted to sell their home address online

Paige has again taken to her social networks to report an episode that she and her boyfriend, the musician Ronnie Radke, have been living in the last hours. A fan tried to sell his home address over the internet.

The former Divas champion shared a screenshot, where a user attempted to reveal the couple’s address for $ 500. Alongside the image, Paige wrote: “Do you realize how disgusting this is? You literally tried to get money in exchange for revealing our address! You are a terrible person. The police are involved. A report was made in your name. . Lots of people told me about you via private message. You changed your Twitter name after they called you. ”

“I hate this, using lawyers to sue someone who sells our address online makes me very sick. Thanks for making me see the light, friend.

In November 2020, Paige and her boyfriend were victims of a stalker who tried to break into their home. Ronnie managed to hold him until police arrived and detained the subject.