The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, who assured this Monday that the pandemic must be capped, a date because the exceptional cannot become normal, has warned that if The so-called third wave of infections by Covid-19 is not controlled, it will ask for more resounding measures at the national level. I trust that the cases will drop significantly. The data backs it up, but if not, global decisions will have to be made. It has been in the act of tribute to the troops who worked in the Filomena temporary, where the Castilian-Manchego president has also criticized that “it is not much use” for his Executive to adopt “restrictive” measures while “others in Spain are presuming to be less restrictive, so that when the barrier opens we will all turn to complicate life again.

With these words, Garcia-Page has referred to the neighboring Community of Madrid, regretting that Castilla-La Mancha, despite having five provinces, “suffers the effect of that sixth province”, in a clear allusion to the region directed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso. There are more than 100,000 people who have come to live, in a kind of health leakage, health migration. People who have come to live because here they have health, education, social services, and health care in another way, he denounced the president of Castilla-La Mancha, who added that the same is happening to Levante, hence the figures they have, and to Extremadura, which has 35,000 new registered voters. It is evident that people move to places that offer more guarantee, but it makes the statistics very misleading.


That said, he has ensured that 1.2 million prescriptions have been issued to citizens with Madrid health cards in Castilla-La Mancha, and the figure does not drop. “We are talking about a sixth province that lives in our land, and I have no reproach to do, it is a problem that must be fixed together, but it must not be hidden, he added. And it is that the head of the Castilian-Manchego executive finds it “obscene” that as president he has had to sign “decrees demanding responsibility and tough decisions for the people, who have had to shut down,” while in some regions they are presuming not I know what cuts.

We end up paying the rest. This is not fair, reasonable, or serious for a country that boasts of that, of being a country. We are going to make this approach around not much, responding to the stress that our usual services maintain. And that we continue to have fewer non-Covid patients than Covid and there is an emergency system that allows us to give help to other regions and countries, such as Portugal. Despite assuring that there are many months of the pandemic, García-Page stressed that scientifically it is responding with a vaccine, highlighting that even this will be Spanish and will be produced in Castilla-La Mancha, something that has led him to be optimistic. “At the return of a few months it will be possible to have another perspective, he said.

Spain will be able to recover its economic fabric after a time with tourism and the services sector. But for that, global mobility has to be restored and it has to happen in Brazil, the US, and China because some of us depend on others and not there will be secure if there is no guarantee that everyone who passes through this country, which receives 80 million people, is in good health. Finally, and on a regional basis, he has assured not to rule out that next summer in Castilla-La Mancha the vaccination phases will have been covered to reach a large percentage of the population. At least two out of every three people are vaccinated. This is the objective and the center of attention that we have today in a permanent, obsessive way, he concluded.