Citizens and organizations of Buenos Aires showed their outrage through several protests over the rape of a young Venezuelan woman allegedly at the hands of her boss in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Once, famous for the sale of textiles, in a case that also generated controversy in Venezuela. The police found the young woman at the premises, where she had started working a short time ago, next to the alleged rapist, and according to her account, she had begun to feel dizzy after drinking a glass of water that her boss, Humberto Garzon, offered, and managed to call his sister to alert her before falling asleep.
Immediately when I drank the water I felt my hands go to sleep, I dialed the last call from my cell phone, which luckily was my sister’s, and she answers. When she answers I only saw that the call was running but I could no longer do it.

Talk, I couldn’t say anything to him at all, I felt like I was falling asleep, I was very dizzy, asleep, I don’t know, and he was putting my pants on, and from there I imagine I went back to sleep because when I woke up again the police were there he told TVV Noticias in a statement.After the news was known, the tag “Garzon rapist” began to go viral on the social network Twitter, and a demonstration was called in front of the store where the events occurred, which was attended, among others, by Thays Campos, mother of the young man, who assured that his daughter “is devastated”. Another demonstration was called in the direction of the Palace of Justice, in which the attendees, many members of the large Venezuelan community in Argentina, demanded that the judge who is handling the case, Karina Zucconi, order the arrest of Garzon, who for now remains on freedom.

The case crossed the Argentine borders and reached Venezuela, where the considered number two of Chavismo, Diosdado Cabello, referred to the rape on his television program. She managed to notify her mother, her family. They caught the guy in flagrante delicto and released him because he has no prior record. Yes, the judge handling the case has a record as an accessory to misogynistic assaults. She has already done it before with the case. of the femicide of Marianela Rago. Hopefully, the Argentine government and Argentine justice can fulfill the role that corresponds to them, that the treaties with the International Monetary Fund do not prevent them, he said.