Now that Outer Banks season two is over, the season is winding down, we can now focus on the new season. Based on season 2, our time with Pogues wasn’t done. We need an Outer Banks series 3. It will not be happening in September.

There won’t be any quick turnaround for the story of our treasure-hunting teens. Netflix is still yet to renew this series. But we don’t worry about the show being canceled. This crime drama has gained quite the following on the streaming site. Pogue fever is very real.

Netflix is not only offering renewed news, but also a new season with many more exciting adventures for John B. (and his crew)

Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date Predictions

The first season debuted in April 2020. This brought summer vibes and energy to the spring season. But, due to COVID in July 2021, the second season premiered. The show’s seasonal themes were a good fit. It allowed the Pogues to briefly transition into a new school year, as summer faded.

Fans eagerly awaiting season three would prefer that the show returns to its April slot. However, Netflix is likely to keep it in its summer premiere month drop. We are now in September without any renewed announcements or hints about a third season. Madelyn Celine, the star of Knives Out, is currently filming.

As filming continues to slow down, the Outer Banksseason three release date will become more distant. Given how late it is, we’re looking at a July/August 2022 premiere date.