Netflix has released a new trailer for Outer Banks season 2. It gives us a sneak peek at what’s in store for fans who were there in season 1.

The latest teaser showed that John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah (MadelynCline), will reunite with them at some point during the season.

Fans will be aware that John was wrongly accused of murder and John fled.

When does “Outer Banks” Season 2 Release

Netflix is bringing its surprise hit, “Outer Banks”, back onto the screens on July 30th 20, 2021. The streaming company announced the news on Instagram and is building anticipation with new photos.

Trailer And Pictures For “Outer Banks” Season 2

The new trailer for “Outer Banks Season 2” gives a sneak peek at the Pogues’ adventures on the island. Action and adventure on the hunt to find gold are clearly in front.

Official Statements

Jonas Pate (executive producer), Josh Pate (producer), and Shannon Burke (producer).”Season 2 is going to be tough for our crew. We have revealed everything that fans loved about season 1: more romance, more secrets, and higher stakes. These photos show a peek into the next chapter. It’s an action-packed adventure with full throttle. We can only tell you to buckle up, this is going to be a wild ride .”

Story Of “Outer Banks” Season 2

Netflix’s official description reads: “New friendships bring new enemies as they’re back at the trail of gold, as the threat to Kiara and Pope quickly escalates.”

“The $400 million is still open, but will revealing an old secret reunite the team for a different mission? It’s the adventure of your life. But, uncharted waters require that our group do everything necessary to survive, “Netflix according to TVLine

John B and Sarah flee in a storm at the end of season 1. The friends assume they are dead. The viewer learns more: The pair end up in the Bahamas