Outer Banks, the summer TV obsession that we love so much, is back for season 2. As the Pogues find treasure together and take down all kooks, we’re still waiting to hear about any possible season.

It wouldn’t be surprising that season 1 wasn’t extended beyond its first season. It’s possible for anything to happen and we will keep our fingers crossed that season 3 is announced. Were we going back to the OBX in time for another wild summer? Or should we take a boat out to say goodbye to our favorite Pogues?

What Is The Show About?

Outer Banks shows the socioeconomic warfare between working-class Pogues from the North Carolina region known for the Outer Banks. John B, a protagonist of explains the show’s trailer. “It’s where you either have 2 jobs or 3 houses.” “Two tribals, one Island” A treasure hunt for $400million aboard a sunken ship is at the center of the show. There are love triangles as well as murder motives that will satisfy all your or vindictive needs.

After the apparent success of the First Season, the anticipated Second Season will be made to the screen. Friday, July 30, 2021.

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Season two will likely pick up where we left off in season one, with John B. and Sarah on their way to the Bahamas to try to get the gold back. Pope, JJ, and Kie are going to be dealing with the aftermath and deaths of the SBI escaped and the alleged victims. Ward will face the consequences for his actions, as the SBI discovered that Ward was responsible for John B’s death. Local police also found Ward guilty of the crime. In any case, the Outer Banks are certain to never be the same.

Where Can I Watch “Outer Banks”?

Exclusively available on Netflix for streaming