Outer Banks Season 2

Netflix’s teen drama Outer Banks was a huge success in 2020 and quickly received a Season 2 renewal. The series is set on the Outer Banks in North Carolina and centers on the division between working-class residents (known as Pogues) and wealthy seasonal residents (known as the Kooks). Teenagers race to locate the treasure in a sunken ship and clash between them.

The Outer Banks Season 1 finale saw John B. Routledge, a protagonist, race to the Bahamas to find the treasure. This is everything we know about Season 2.

Release Date, Cast and Plot

Outer Banks Season 2 will be released on July 30, 2021. All episodes of Teen Drama will be available on Netflix. The show will be released on Netflix in the summer. Netflix also revealed some stills from the new season. The second season will contain ten episodes. You can catch up on season 1, before new episodes are released.

Outer Banks Season 2

All of the cast will reprise their roles. The list features Chase Stokes as John B. Madelyn Cline is Sarah Cameron. Madison Bailey plays Kiara “Kie” Bailey as Madison Bailey. Rudy Pankow is JJ. Austin North plays Topper. Charles Esten is Ward Cameron. Drew Starkey is Rafe Cameron.

The new season will continue right where season 1 ended. John B. and Sarah will continue their adventures in the Bahamas. The new images also showed that the Pogues crew was having some fun back home in town. New enemies will join the team and the stakes for J.J., Pope, Kiara and Pope will increase.

It will be exciting and thrilling to see who can win the race for $400 million. Will the group be able to reunite and work together again now that they have uncovered a secret? Get ready for the new season and mark the dates on your calendars.


Netflix hasn’t released a trailer yet for Outer Banks season 2, but we expect it to be soon considering that the show will return in the summer. You can catch all 10 episodes of Outer Banks on Netflix. Relive John B.’s and Sarah’s love story, their daring search for the Royal Merchant’s treasure, and the rest of the sun-filled adventure.