The popular platform Netflix, Outer Banks, has received a demand for some of its characters that appear to have been plagiarized from another book.

As has been published on the TMZ website, the Netflix series, Outer Banks, is being the subject of a lawsuit that is giving the platform headaches.

The named plaintiff, Kevin Wooten, filed a lawsuit against Netflix, as well as creators Shannon Burke and Jonas and Joshua Pate, alleging that the series copied the entire plot of his book called, ” Pennywise: Blackbeard .”

The writer, Wooten, says he published his book in 2016. It tells the story of 4 young adults who meet a local legend who leads them to a treasure buried in a legendary shipwreck off the shores of North Carolina.

The funny thing is that the writer alleges that he sold some printed copies in the city of Wilmington, where the Pate brothers spoke a long time ago when they were in that state.

According to Wooten, the similarities are not coincidences. Therefore, he claims that the Pates brothers have likely found his novel and used it as the basis for “Outer Banks.”

If an in-depth investigation is initiated, the production of the series could be stopped momentarily or the Netflix platform and the producers pay the original author if the demand is verified.