Outer Bank Season 2

Many things will have changed for the beloved Pogues when Outer Banks comes back in all its sun-soaked glory (streaming July 30,). JJ, JJ, and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) are now enjoying their summers on a high-stakes hunt for gold. They also have to start a new school year while mourning their BFFs John B (Chase Stokes), and Sarah (Madelyncline), who they believe was killed in the final storm of season 1. They are not aware that John B, Sarah, and Sarah are still alive and well.

They are currently on their way from the Bahamas to continue the hunt for Royal Merchant gold. These treasure-hunting teens are not going to change much, even though things may be different this year. For example, the Pogues might trade in swimsuits in exchange for sweaters and trousers as the temperature drops.

Season 2 Arriving Super Soon

Netflix confirmed the return to Outer Bank in July 2020. We learned from multiple sources that Netflix had already permitted for season 2 before airing season 1.

The new season will offer more adventures and uncover new mysteries. It is confirmed that the series will return on July 30, 2021. There are many episodes.

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 Characters That Will Come Back

Along with the return of Outer Bank, Netflix had also confirmed that many of its characters are coming back in the next season.

  • Chase Stokes will play John B
  • Madelyn, an American actress, will play Sarah Cameron
  • Madison Bailey will return to Kiara
  • Jonathan Daviss is the author of Pope.
  • Rudy Pankow will play the role of J.J.
  • Austin North will play Topper just as before.
  • Drew Starkey will appear as Rafe Cameron
  • Ward Cameron, Charles Esten
  • The library will feature Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Caroline Arapoglou acts on Rose
  • Carlacia grant as Cleo
  • Kelce will be back as Deion smith.

Make sure to bring your popcorn and snacks along and enjoy Outer Bank Season 2