Real Madrid scored points at El Sadar, a difficult field in adverse conditions. True. But he showed his problems again against organized and closed teams such as against Elche Alaves or Cadiz. The final feeling contributes to discouragement with a split team looking for the centers to the area as a last resort, with Ramos as striker along with Benzema and Mariano. Osasuna held on solidly stayed in the game and ended up threatening several poisonous cons. Even so, he was satisfied with a draw after two goals well disallowed against Madrid for offside by Benzema.

The storm is not enough to explain the tie,

Go ahead but there are anger and anger. And that of Madrid is more than justified. Regardless of the result, keeping the match schedule despite Filomena’s threat was another example of the order of priorities. Business above all. The excellent work of the Osasuna employees prepared the field for the start but as the snow fell and the temperature dropped the green turned to ice and so it was difficult not only to play soccer but to stay on one’s feet. The conditions are the same for both and neither Osasuna nor Real Madrid deserved such punishment.

Given the circumstances, it was a white glove-first half. With hardly any occasions, although with battle, do not believe. Zidane took the step with Hazard and placed him in the starting eleven dancing the pieces. The Belgian entered the left moved Asensio to the opposite side where he looks the least and delayed Lucas to the side in the absence of Carvajal. It may be the French coach’s preferred attack but again it was the most notable midfield. Casemiro in the cut Kroos and Modric in the confection adapted to what the party demanded. In fact 10 appeared in the best white option a wash to the left that Herrera diverted with difficulty. Little baggage.

Osasuna had less ball of course,

but he did not lose his composure and waited for his moments. Calleri is an expert in making a and was able to find a treasure in a Rubén García center. The same footballer foot of silk who put a corner from the left with music and Over headed crossed. Courtois took out the first, as is customary.

There were no changes in the break, but the dynamics did change. Asensio took his class for a walk in an attack in front of the two central, jabbing a ball against David Garcia and breaking Aridane to find the squad. Herrera adorned himself on the flight. Osasuna also ended the scoring phase and pressed Madrid’s exit, trying to force the error. Benzema scored, clinching after a prodigious stop by Herrera, but was offside. Very clear.

Zidane moved the tree in the middle of the second act.

Valverde on stage. It seemed logical to withdraw Hazard, lacking pace and participation, but he withdrew Asensio. Curiously with the most populated Madrid in the center of the field, Osasuna generated an excellent option from his media. Roberto Torres started on the right, changed sides Ruben García held on, and served Torres again who in advantage, finished up. Mariano and Isco entered, while Arrasate relieved piece and in the final stretch, Osasuna entered fresher, with space for the counter. Madrid got involved in looking for direct centers and that facilitated the local task. Budimir was able to score in a counter. And the whites scored in a center to the area that Benzema placed for Ramos in the small area. The Frenchman went offside again to bury the last white option to take a victory he needed to be the leader. This is impossible.