The Management Board decided this Tuesday not to make any move for Eric Garcia because the position of the candidates was uneven on this issue. The acting president chose not to present any offer for the Manchester City footballer and the new president to negotiate with the player to join him free in June.

However, this morning at a press conference, VĂ­ctor Font publicly requested that negotiation be opened with City. He assured that the cost of the operation would be 230,000 euros this season since the English club would charge the price of the transfer 3 million fixed plus variable from next year.

The proposal has not caught on. Joan Laporta was the most reluctant to carry out this operation in January and responded a couple of hours later to the other candidate at a press conference. Laporta is very clear that it is not the time to sign the central defender and that it would be discussed for the summer.

After seeing the economic situation of the club, I remain in my position. Consider that the candidates do not have the power to attribute to the Management Board things that it cannot do such as these acts of disposition. We have to stay here. If a player wants to come here, he has to prove it.

If it comes for free in June, I don’t know why we have to give money to a club that is our competitor. Now we are talking about amounts that are now different, but ultimately it would be paying money for a player that in June it would be free. We will wait until June and then we will talk.

I do not understand that the Manager attributed the power to negotiate a salary, a commission or to pay money now when in June it is not necessary to do so. Our position is very clear, he said. Toni Freixa will not give in on this issue either. The candidate did not close the door to talk about money with Manchester City, but his economic limit will be in what the English club paid a few years ago to Barcelona for the player’s training rights. The amount was approximately one and a half million euros.

Freixa also opposes Font’s initiative. In this way, the incorporation of Eric Garcia will have to wait until June. Then it will arrive, if the new president considers it, with the letter of freedom. And this is a key point considering the bad economic situation that the club is going through.