The Barinas state government together with the Ministry of Popular Power for Health rehabilitated the operating room of Dr. Fortoul Saavedra located in the Jose Antonio Paez Los Pozones urbanization of the capital municipality.

From the health center, the entity’s governor, Argenis Chavez Frias, deployed the “Barinas Power Regional Surgical Plan with the intervention of eight children with pathologies such as hernias and phimosis.

The regional president explained that the infrastructure, painting, and air conditioning works were carried out to reactivate this surgery room, which had been inoperative for three years.

He also detailed that the eight existing operating rooms in the state, located in the municipalities Barinas, Pedraza, Bolívar, Rojas, Sucre, Ezequiel Zamora, and Alberto Arvelo Torrealba were enabled for the care of children, youth, and adults who require medium and low surgeries complexity, through the plan created by the regional government.

He stressed that 10 surgeries will be performed weekly in the different health centers of the state, for an average of 80 cases in the Balinese territory.

On the other hand, it carried out an inspection at the Rafael Rangel hospital in the Ezequiel Zamora municipality, where the operating room was also rehabilitated, in which 228 operations have been performed, in less than two months, and the recovery work on the first floor will begin and service areas.

The governor indicated that more than 7.8 billion were also delivered for the repair of two ambulances, one for this Rafael Rangel hospital and the other for Pedraza La Vieja. As well as granted 950 million for the rehabilitation, lighting, and installation of three air conditioners of the Dona Elena Mercedes Cruces de Angular Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI).