One Strange Rock Season 2

An American documentary series One Strange Rock first premiers its show on 26th March 2018 on National Geography. The director of the show are Graham Booth, Nicholas Jordan, Alice Jones, Christopher Riley, Nat Sharman and Nice Stacey. Also developed by Nutopia, a renowned television production company best known for America: The story of the US. Along with Dareen Aronofsky also best known for Black Swan. Meanwhile, the show also features some of the best places in the world. With the infinite consistency on Earth, many of them are waiting for exploration. The series carries away by the news of Earth, by eight peoples who have left it. Likewise showing astronauts sharing their unique perspective of the planet highlighting numerous amazing activities taking place.


Earth containing millions of lives that are all bursting out due to some reasons, the show thus tries to feature the out of box activities performed by the astronauts. With containing a variety of essential components Earth has been feature as the unique planet on Solar System. Thus the show depicts the new turnover made by human mankind by harming Earth with their violence. The show also gave some questions to the viewer’s mind – does life exist outside this planet? Can there be an organism, away from our planet, by those who are defining the term life?

The show thus left a footprint on the viewers by making them realize the importance of life. The last few episodes make the discussion of human brains along with astronaut Peggy Whiteson, thinking off homes.


Small Smith is the host of the show, who will be carry forward its season with interesting facts discussing with the astronauts. His unique style and enthusiasm for the show allowed him to make the show perfect for the viewers thus creating positive vibes.

Release Date

National Geography is expected to premiere its show One Strange Rock 2 in March 2020. But it halted back with the release date and thus continuing its production with Nutopia.