On My Block Season 4

On My Block, the superhit adolescent comic drama from Netflix. The storyline narrates about some playful teens living with a low-income in LA neighbourhood. The show is all about how they begin their new life within a brand new high school and showing their life struggles. On My Block had 3 seasons where 4th season is on sets, ready to flow.

The first 3 seasons were a resounding victory, which made the audience wait for season 4 even more. It will be much more intriguing how things are performed in season 4. It was said by the makers of On My Block that season 4 would be the last season. The fans will undoubtedly have a mixed feeling by listening to this news. The show is largely loved by everybody streaming on everybody’s favourite OTT Netflix. It’s no wonder and is many people’s Favourite show.

Expectations of Season 4

The concluding season was tripping with everyone. The two-year jump taking place to the end and looking at our favourite characters growing old. Many questions were raised by us, and the press has kept them in from the team. What happens between Monse and Cesar in season 4? Will Spooky be in the gang, or did he leave? Ceaser had raised to the top of the gang. But how did it happen? Many curious questions were awarded by the viewers, along with the suspense keeps on r=rising every day.

One of the economical causes of the show possibly ending is that the high cost to keep the show continuing. Following a public battle to have a pay increase, the show’s major stars have seen their pay bump from $200k per incident in seasons two and one around $850k for season 4. That number would’ve hit $1m had the series been renewed for season five.

No specifics were developed regarding season 4 at this moment. Any new developments or some other new characters about the series weren’t added. Any additional details can only be shown as we move closer to the release date.

On My Block Season 4


The story is about four friends, namely Ruby, Monse, Jamal, and Cesar. Season 1 revolves around the relationship between Monse and Cesar. Cesar’s character is exhibited as a playboy in this season, where he dates Olivia immediately following the breakup with Monse though the connection is not long-lasting. Meanwhile, Ruby has feelings for Olivia, but she is not so blessed to have Olivia in the conclusion of the season, Olivia will be dead. Where the next season is going to probably be continued with the same story. The teenagers will get into trouble and, at the close of the season, reveals all being kidnapped. Where Season 3 ended up with much more suspense and season 4 will be the answer for all of the questions left in season 3. The show includes all of the love, romance, betrayal, and issues that teenagers have already been through. Therefore wait for season 4 is more worth it.

On My Block Season 4 Cast

I was presumed that most of the preceding cast from seasons 1,2,3 will return. Casting includes Sierra Capri as Monse, Diego Tinoco as Ceaser, Jason Genao as Ruby, Brett Gray as Jamal, Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine, Julio Macias as Spooky, Peggy Blow as Abuelita. All the supporting characters will return too. There was no statement made if there are any new casting in this series.


There are absolutely no official trailer released for My Block season 4. There aren’t any updates that the trailer will be even released shortly. In precisely the same manner, no storyline or details also have not been received. According to the updates, the season has 10 episodes which will be the previous season as well.

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On My Block Season 4 Release Date

Netflix or the makers of On My Block have not disclosed any release. The last season premiered in March 2019, and it had been expected the same as this season 4. The latest update was awarded in January 2021 this season 4 is going live with the past scripted episodes. It is simply a forecast that it is going to release in March 2021. There’s a good chance barring any sudden setback to the last outing could show up on Netflix sometime in 2022.