On My Block Season 4

On My Block, a teen comic-drama out of Netflix, tells the story of a few playful teens residing in a non-existent LA neighbourhood. The show traces the way they begin to experience new life as high school students and humorously showcases their life struggles. Recently, the OTT platform introduced information related to the launch date of On My Block season 4. Find all of the details connected with On My Block season 4 release date, cast, and when you’re able to start streaming it.

On My Block Season 4 Release Date

As stated by the official announcement, the show is getting renewed for its fourth stint. The Twitter announcement on 29th January 2021 also provided another substantial importance. Season 4 will be On My Block’s closing season.

Netflix also verified that On My Block season 4 would have ten episodes in total. However, Netflix has not clearly stated the release date. So, there are very few details regarding when the series will start. But, the previous three seasons of this series were released in March. If Netflix maintains this trend, then the series can be released in March 2021.

The regular cast containing Sierra Capri (playing Monse), Diego Tinoco (playing Cesar), Brett Gray (portraying Jamal), Jessica Marie Garcia (playing Jasmine), Peggy Low (playing Abuelita) and Julio Macias (portraying Spooky) will return in their standard roles in the final season. There’s not any news on whether other cast members will combine them.

On My Block Season 4

On My Block, last season probably will be a finishing series, which might inform how the pupils end up. It will pick up the loose threads of season 3 and tie them to provide a proper ending.

At the conclusion of the season, Brett got his chance on the college soccer team; Monse now has friends. On the flip side, Jasmine and Ruby are in a relationship while the latter is no longer close to Brett. Caser is currently leading Santos. Season 4 will tell how they overcome and confront the new challenges life throws at them.

Why Is On My Block Ending?

A lot of viewers are interested about why is On My Block ending. The show was quite popular and is among the most loved shows with this OTT platform, and it had a decent fan following. Hence, the ending may not be associated with its popularity. There are no formal information on why is On My Block ending. Netflix is to earn any affirmation on the ending or is the series being cancelled. Fans need to wait until the show releases or Netflix makes a formal statement on this matter.