Norwegian coming- of- age drama series ‘Ragnarok’, which is based on Norse and Skam mythology, is all set to come back for another season after a very violent and dramatic ending. The show has a garnered large popularity among teens and young adults due to the mysterious storyline and “Godly”. The series has been in constant comparison with the ‘Twilight’ by the critics and has a rating of 7.5 on the IMDB’s website.

The Cast Of Ragnarok Season 2

  • David Stakston, as Magne Seier, who is the protagonist of the drama.
  • Jonas Strand Gravli, as Laurits Seier.
  • Theresa Frostad Eggesbo, as Saxa.
  • Henriette Steenstrup, as Turid Seier.
  • Synnove Macody Lund, as Ran.
  • Emma Bones, as Gry.
  • Gisli Orn Garoarsson, as Vidar.
  • Herman Tømmeraas, as Fjor

The Plot Of Ragnarok Season 2

The Norwegian superhero series revolves around Magne a  teenager  who has moved to the town of Edda along with his mother Laurits Seier and brother Turid Seier. The town has a mysterious tone to it and the weather seems to be unpredictable such as warm winters, heavy downpours and melting ice. Megne realizes that he has supernatural abilities to predict weather patterns. Some people of the town are of the opinion that these weather changes are a sign of the “Ragnarok” which means apocalypse in Norweigne Norse mythology. Ragnarok literally means fate of the Gods.

In this mysterious town Megne meets an activist named  Isolde. She tells him about the poisonous levels of cadmium in the town’s water system and that a rich family named Jutuls are to be blamed for it. Jutuls are a family of evil giants. They kill Isolde when she tries to uncover their dastardly motives and make it look like an accident.

From here the show takes a drastic turn in the life of Megne as now he has a motive to bring Isolde’s criminals to justice. He also realizes that he is the manifestation of Thor: the God of thunder.

The climax of the first season displayed a violent faceoff between Vidar Jutuls and Megne, with Megne summoning lightening from Thor which strikes him and Vidar leaving Megne unconscious and a dead Vidar.

Season 2 is definitely picking from here. Also, the story of Megne brother will be further developed in the coming season as he seems to walking the path of Loki.

The Release Date Of Ragnarok Season 2

There have been wide speculations for a new season for the show, but there are no official announcements as of yet by Netflix. Giving in to the current situation worldwide, the new season doesn’t seem to premiere any time sooner than late 2021.