Normal people season 2

Normal People actress Leah McNamara has talked about the possibility of a 2nd season, implying any information is simply best to be transmitted as people lived.

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While some hit BBC change served its reference substance – the story by Sally Rooney – upon its end, meditation has remained rife that we could see added from Connell Waldron and Marianne Sheridan inside the destiny.

However, speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, McNamara – who plays Rachel Moran within the drama – questioned whether a follow-up season was necessary.

Leah McNamara as Rachel in normal people

I understand they’ve commenced taking on Communications with Friends – Sally’s different book, she said. So I assume, hopefully, which may fill the Sally Rooney void – the Sally Rooney-shaped hole in people’s hearts.

Normal people season 2

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I think the book [Normal People] is so beautiful, and that I think that some things, while we enjoy them such a lot, you wonder: would people need a second season? the star continued.

I think that some things are with great care wonderful and perhaps they’re just best to be left as they were.

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However, McNamara did add: I mean, who knows? Maybe in 10 years, when everyone’s older. which may be something people would like to see.”

Meantime, the star has more presented regarding starring in the new BBC production Danny Boy, describing how it travels a world she prepared knows anything about.

Danny Boy opens on BBC Two on Wednesday, May 12 at 9 o clock.