If there is an agent who has shown over the decades that nothing and no one can stop him, it is James Bond. Since the first film about this British spy, 007 against Dr. No , was released in 1962 ; in total there have been 26 films starring six different actors that have helped build the legend about this immortal character created by the writer Ian Fleming.

An action hero who in 60 years has only put in real danger an unexpected enemy: the coronavirus, since the world premiere of the last title of the saga played by Daniel CraigNo time to die , had to be canceled last April because of the health crisis.

But if these films have taught us anything, it is that, no matter how bad things are, 007 always ends up getting away with it . And although several months late, it will be on November 12 when we can finally enjoy on the big screen the farewell in style of Craig, who leaves the saga after 13 years in which he has shown that, despite what some upstarts predicted in 2007, a blond blue-eyed James Bond is possible .

What will be the future of this franchise, whether the time has come for a black actor or a woman to take back the reins as they have been asking for years, we will have time to discuss later. For now, today it’s time to recreate with the spectacular new trailer that has been published to confirm the new release date of No Time to Die.