No game no life has proven to be one of the most famous Japanese manga- anime series which is based on a light novel of the same name by Yū Kamiya. The series’ first released in July 2014 and now a new season 2 has been announced in 2020 after 6 years! That is some long wait for anime lovers. Well, a new season was defiantly foreseen due to the unprecedented popularity of the manga series. Let’s see how and when it takes place.


As the anime series is based on light novel series, there is enough material for the makers to produce one on. The story of season 1 portrayed the story of online gamer siblings who are undefeated. They are summoned to live in a virtual reality game setting, initially thinking of it as a joke, they accept the invitation. This virtual reality is known as the Dashboard and here personal differences are solved by playing mind-bending games with your opponents such as chess and cheating is allowed through hidden methods.

The plot for season 2 has not been disclosed but more or less it is going to be based on the Japanese Light Novel. Curious fans can read the famous novel beforehand.


The main protagonist of the show include Caitlynn French as Shiro Scott Gibbs as Sora.

The Anime also features the following voice-over English artists:

  • Amelia Fischer as Jibril
  • Christina Stroup as Fil Nivalem
  • John Swasey as Ino Hatsue
  • Kara Greenberg as Kurami Zell
  • Kira Vincent-Davis as Izuna Hatsue
  • Sara Ornelas as Stephanie Dola
  • Shannon Emerick as Tet
  • Suzelle Palacios as Priestess
  • Annie Mai – Bunny Girl, Maid Blue Hair
  • Brittany Deans – Animal Girl
  • Carl Masterson – Aristocrat Crybaby, Judge
  • Cayla Coats – Young Sora
  • Christina Kelly – Frightened Window Lady

Release Date

There is no news or official disclosure of any release date for season 2 by the makers yet. But there are huge speculations that a season 2 might be announced soon as there is story material pending for it from the light novels. However, viewers in India can watch season 1 exclusively on Netflix.

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