The CW has released a poster in support of the batwoman Season 2 Finale, which was scheduled to be released on June 27th. The poster, which featured the Bat-team’s various characters and Alice their enemy, was dropped by CW just before the Batwoman Season 2 finale. Season 2’s last episode will be released on June 27.

Ryan and other Bat-team members, Mary, Luke, Sophie, and the former Crow agent Sophie are featured on this poster. It also features Alice. She has transformed into a frenemy to the Bat-team during Season 2. In the poster, you can see Alice’s dad and Sophie’s ex-boss Jacob. Jacob was recently transferred to Metropolis prison. Therefore, it will be interesting for us to see what role he plays in Season 2.

Season 2 Episode “Power” is Ryan’s Season 2 finale. Ryan and her Bat Team must defend Kate Kane. Kate Kane has continued to serve Black Mask, even though he manipulated and kidnapped him to make her believe that she was Circe.

New Poster to Celebrate Batwoman Season 2 Finale

Ryan must team up against Black Mask, the man responsible for causing havoc in Gotham. In the Batwoman Season 2 final preview, Russel Taylor, an ex-Crows agent injects himself in Bane’s Venom. This would turn him into Menace, the supervillain. Ryan will likely be facing him in this battle.

Ryan will not have to face these battles alone. Luke will join Ryan as Batwing in the final episode. Season 2 has had a fantastic story arc for Luke. The season began with Ryan almost dying after being shot in episode 14. It was followed by a discussion with John Diggle on how Luke can manage his anger and use it to fight for justice.

His story will end with him becoming Batwing. Ryan will also be supported by Mary Hamilton (and Sophie Moore) Alice, on the other hand, will be fighting a battle of her very own to save her sister. She will also face Circe.

Javicia, Leslie, Rachel Skarsten, Alice, Meagan, Tandy, Campus Johnson, Luke Fox, Dougray Scott, Nicole Kangas Mary Hamilton Kane-Kane, and Wallis Day are the cast of Batwoman. Season 2’s last episode will air at 8 p.m. ET on CW.