Before mobile phones entered our lives, parents were already fascinated by recording for posterity all the first times of their children. Whether in photographs on Super8 film or with VHS camcorders the parents took advantage of any getaway to immortalize any new feat with which they could show off their offspring upon their return home. Because let’s not fooled ourselves deep down those documents were just for that, to show family and friends how well they are given the noble and difficult art of raising a child.

Just what Kylie Jenner just did with the latest video she posted on her Instagram profile starring Stormi. The difference is that she does not teach it to a handful of acquaintances, but to the 207 million people who follow her official profile and who today will go to bed knowing that her two and a half-year-old daughter already knows how to snowboard better than many adults.



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My little professional writes the businesswoman next to the video in which Stormi is seen sliding on a table keeping her balance at all times while several cameras we do not know if Kylie’s family or assistants capture the moment with their phones.

Yes! You have done it by yourself and then you have stopped without falling the creator of Kylie Cosmetics is heard saying completely excited before asking Stormi the fruit of her relationship with rapper Travis Scott to high five to celebrate this milestone. It has been fantastic adds the happy mother just before her daughter tells her that she is not going to fall again practicing this winter sport.

Of course the comment section has quickly filled with praise and compliments towards the little girl. The first from relatives like her aunt Khloe Kardashian. who described her niece as a rock star. Kylie’s friends like Hailey Baldwin have also joined the celebration claiming that Stormi in the video is too precious for this world. Definitely, we can assure without fear of being wrong that the generational renewal for the Kardashians is more than guaranteed.