Never Have I Ever Season 2

Never Have I Ever is the perfect series to see what Devi and her friends go through. Netflix’s newest YA show is a lot of fun as Devi tries to navigate high school, love life, friendships, and dealing with the death of her father. Devi is trying to climb up the social ladder in questionable ways and must decide whether her relationships with her two BFFs are more important than trying to be famous.

Devi and her friend friends will also be popular. Is it possible that Devi will make it right with everyone she meets? These are our top questions and all you need to know about the second season Never Have I Ever.

Season 2 Has A Premiere Date!

There’s no need to wait for Paxton’s awesome washboard abs to be revealed to all those who want it. Netflix announced in April 2021, that not only has the new season finished filming but Devi, Ben Paxton, and others will also be coming to our streaming queues, July 15.


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This announcement has not made us the only ones jumping from our chairs. Maitreyi mentioned on the IG video, “LET THE COUNTDOWNS BEGIN.” But I think Jaren Lewison’s comment explains exactly how we all feel right now: ITTSSSSS TIME! “

Never Have I Ever Season 2

New cast members for Never Have I Ever season two

One of the first cast members was announced on December 10, 2020. Tyler Alvarez confirmed that he will be appearing in Never Have I Ever 2 as a recurring actor. Tyler will play Malcolm’s role, which is described as “young Hollywood type”. He’s been in two other Netflix series, American Vandal (previously) and Orange Is the New Black (previously).

PJ Byrne, who was a star in The Boys Big Little Lies (Black Lightning), and Season Two is also included. Megan Suri will be playing Dr. Elgin Peters, while Megan Suri will be playing Dr. Elgin Peters.

Is season two of Never Have I Ever happening?

Season 2 is officially underway! Netflix has announced that the series will return for a second season. The cast reunited for a hilarious reunion. This is the news you won’t want to miss.

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