Never Have I Ever fans can’t get enough of the rom-com series on Netflix. Devi (played in the series by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), is a young woman who struggles to find her place and the right boyfriend. Are fans to expect the third series?

Is Never Have I Ever having A season 3?

Ever since its July 15th premiere, fans of Never Have I Ever binge-watched season 2.

The show, inspired partially by Mindy Kaling’s (The Office star) high school experiences, has gained a huge following.

Fans are eagerly awaiting season three now that season 2 is over.

Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal. There is no word yet about the third season.

It’s important to remember that Netflix sometimes waits several weeks or even months after a series’ premiere before they confirm its continuation.

It looks statistically safe to assume that the show is renewed since it has reached the top of most-watched charts.

Season two was also a season with many questions, especially regarding Devi’s ongoing love triangle.

But season 2 did end with Devi & Paxton (Darren Barnet), finally rekindling their romance.

Entertainment Weekly’s Barnet spoke out about the finale of Season 2 and what it means to Devi and Paxton.

Barnet explained: “I thought that it was such as a picture-perfect time.”

“The shot, the emotion, the scene, and the song are all amazing. It’s been on repeat.

“This is Paxton, Devi, as a couple. Yet, there’s enough mystery to keep you guessing about where it’s going. She even added, “I wonder what it’s going to look like.”

There are clear signs that Devi is not in love with Paxton, and Ben is still waiting.

If Netflix confirms a third season of Netflix Originals, then fans can expect it to drop in mid-2021.

Season one premiered in April 2020. Season two will air in July. Season three will likely be released in the same window.

Devi fans will have the opportunity to watch the future, but for now, it appears she is with Paxton for life.

This is another Netflix show that continues to be popular. Many viewers have their thoughts on the second season.

One Twitter fan commented, “Just finished Never Have I Ever. Feeling empty …. want season 3 now. (sic).

Another addendum: “Devi keeps me stressed out in each episode of Never Have I Ever!”

A third said that Never Have I Ever was truly one of my favorite coming-of-age programs. It is adorable, charming, funny, and warm.