You Season 3

The filming of season 3 ended in April 2021. Netflix has now confirmed that a release date has been set for the last three months of 2019. We don’t yet know the exact release date, but it’s great news for Netflix’s twisted soapy drama, especially considering that it’s been nearly two years since our last update on Joe Goldberg’s dark story (Penn Badgley).

Netflix didn’t make You a big hit when it acquired streaming rights. It started as a modest success on Lifetime America, but Netflix has made the show a massive success. The anticipation for the third season is high. Producers have received praise for making a show that was once about obsession into a deep, character-led drama.

We don’t know when You season 3 will be released, but there are a lot we can talk about. Below we summarize all we know about the show’s return. We’ll discuss how season 2 ended, who is coming back in season 3, and where the story will go next.


You Season 3

Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn and Love Quinn conclude their season in happy households. However, those who have seen the two previous sequences of You know that Joe will soon find the next appetite.

  • Scott Speedman – Matthew
  • Scott Michael Foster – Ryan
  • Ben Mehl – Dante
  • Shannon Chan-Kent – Kiki
  • Christopher Sean – Brandon
  • Chis O’ Shea – Andrew
  • Bryan Safi – Jackson
  • Mackenzie Astin – Gil
  • Ayelet Zurer – Dr. Chandra
    Jack Fisher

Trailer Update

Netflix has not yet released a You 3rd season trailer. However, we will be adding one to this article when it becomes available. The latest season’s airdate is currently flawed. We may have to wait several months before we get our first look at it.

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