On the 60th birthday of Diana Spencer, we’ll be looking back at the details for the fifth season.

It was 1961, the same day as today. Diana Frances Spencer, also known as Lady Di worldwide, was born. Emma Corrin plays her in The Crown. It is a Netflix streaming series that portrays her life. A new actress will portray the fifth season’s important moments.

Peter Morgan created the TV show to tell everything about Queen Elizabeth II. Diana is one of the characters in the fourth installment. The beginnings of Prince Charles’ love story are shown after his mother Olivia Colman wants him to find a woman.

We see the formation of the love triangle between Camilla Parker and Bowles. It is also the beginning of what would be the final divorce in the royal family. The fifth season will see the viewer being privy to the final moments in the marriage. Both spouses admitted to their lies to each other but the queen refused to reveal any details about a separation.

The series’ next installment will concentrate on the 1990s. It was here that there was a moment of peak royalty: Diana speaking out publicly and telling the truth. The BBC’s famous interview is still being discussed. Prince William requested that it not be broadcast as there are documents that prove his mother deceived him and allow him to speak.

Elizabeth Debicki will now portray Diana. This will be her last acting role. It will also show the outcome of the character. The character died in a Paris traffic accident on May 27, 1997. This incident was the moment of the greatest crisis for the monarchy. The release date for season 5 is unknown at the moment, but it is expected in 2022.