Netflix Outer Banks The clip teased that season 2 will feature more Kooks and Pogues drama with a new clip. After debuting in April 2020 the suspenseful teenage drama reached the top spot on Netflix’s streaming list. The series, which is set in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, follows a group from the working class who go on a treasure hunt. John B (Chase Stokes), is the ringleader and includes his best friends Pope, Johnathan Daviss, and JJ Pankow.

Kiara Bailey (Madison Bailey), technically rounds off the core Pogues. But, she’s the daughter and owner of a successful restaurant which puts her in Kook territory. The Kooks make up the elite group of seasonal residents in the community. Their teen members are constantly at odds with their Pogue counterparts. John B’s romance interest Sarah Cameron (Madelyn) is a Romeo-and-Juliet-esque source for tension between sparring classes. Sarah Cameron is considered to be the princess of Kooks. Season 1 featured major agitation between the Kooks & Pogues. Outer Banks season two continues that trend.

Netflix assured Outer Banks fans that they can expect even more class confrontation in the sophomore season. The streaming giant posted a clip called “Fired” in advance of the July 30 release. This clip features JJ bashing heads with Kelce, Deion Smith, and Kelce at their restaurant gig. Below is the full clip:

YouTube video

Kelce, Topper (Austin North), a friend, and Kelce are seen in the promo scene. JJ hears John B accuse JJ while refilling water bottles. He reacts with surprise and denies their claims. JJ and Kelce get physically involved in the end. JJ loses the job as a result. Netflix captioned the clip, “Rule number 1. It’s always the Kook’s fault. Never the pogue’s fault. ”

Topper’s participation in the action makes it worth noting, as it is a stark contrast from his season 1 ego. In the clip, Topper tries to nip the problem in the bud before Kelce meets JJ. This could be a preview of what viewers can expect from the once-vile Kook leader in Outer Banks Season 2. In season 1, episode 9, viewers were able to see a little bit of his humanity when he let Sarah (and John B) escape. This could be a sign that his anger may have subsided.

While Outer Banks Topper could be following a similar redemptive path to Steve. Stranger things Kooks versus Pogue’s drama seems too juicy to let go of. The topper may move into better waters, but that won’t mean the same for his friends. The new clip for season 2 suggests that tensions will be high, as fans can see from this clip.