When Anya Taylor-Joy looks at you she sees you in some strange way that woman behind the screen is piercing you with her gaze. Enigmatic fascinating strange captivating abyssal fish Martian special shocking wonderful hypnotic … Journalists and critics have seldom used so many adjectives to define a way of looking that has us all spellbound that of the protagonist from the Netflix series Lady’s Gambit. Many talented people have told me that if you have the right thoughts they are communicated to your face. And if you put a camera very close to that face the audience will understand what you want to convey. So I think that defiant attitude that Beth can have when she feels that she is being cornered or that her intelligence is being questioned in any way provokes that look you are referring to the actress explained to a journalist on American television. And we bought it without blinking.

But not only Lady’s Gambit but we also live as Netflix addicts, and among their national and international proposals we remember other actresses who master the art of interpreting with their eyes of keeping the shot with a flutter of eyelash and making us cry Before they are shed that tear that shining like a tightrope walker appears in their tear ducts. Powerful of saying silence of loving with just a blink of saying goodbye by looking away and dying with a sidelong glance.


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We always swell our chests when we talk about Cable Girls and if there is someone who has not yet seen this already native classic that opened the doors of success to Netflix Spain, as one of the pioneers they should mark a marathon without breathing because it is a series in which you will enjoy a script made with care respect and good craftsmanship and some actresses with the ease and skills of Blanca Suárez Ana Fernández, Nadia de Santiago and Ana Polvorosa. Perfect luxury for this winter. Continuing with national successes, and moving to a profile that has nothing to do with the stoic and demure women of the thirties, we reach the Elite and that prolific universe of new stars such as Ester Expósito, Danna Paola Mina El Hammani or María Pedraza that by 2021 they have their agendas full of professional and advertising projects. Before welcoming season four, it’s not a bad plan to go back to high school and be seduced by plots that won’t let you close your computer.

There is no doubt that the batch of what we called young promises a few years ago has taken a step forward leading the great projects of the most powerful platforms and the most powerful studios, this is the case of Lucy Boynton, exquisite in every way, a dream for fashion houses and beauty brands, as well as being an actress whose comic vision is tremendously effective. The Politician is one of those curious combinations that work well when mixing a truly satirical critique of the American electoral system with a falsely naive comedy. You laugh a lot and now I’m going to surprise you: Gwyneth Paltrow is hilarious.